Space Exploration Rover

roverThe objective of the rover is to automatically explore the moon or the planets. In order to do this task, there are 2 main requirements for the rover. First the rover should be able to flexibly move through unknown territory to explore. Second the rover should be able to move with high-energy efficiency (low energy consumption). We have already built a small rover for researching. In the beginning we built a rover with wheels (KUSSSL Rover I). However the rover with wheels is not good for crossing different level terrain so a rover with legs (KUSSL Rover II) was built. The rover with legs has a higher flexibility than rover with wheels at the same energy efficiency. However the rover with legs still has difficulty walking through very rough terrain that it has to decide suitable position to lay its leg on the ground therefore environmental adaptation is require to decide the suitable position. Our rover (KUSSL Rover II) consists of 6 legs that mimic from an ant was built for the purpose of researching. Now we are researching about recognition and control system for the rover.

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